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I would like to import receive money transactions from a csv. I have rent receipts that are net of agents commission and I want to import money received as gross rent and a negative money received as a commission expense. I don’t need to create a bank transaction as I already have a bank feed.

You can do the work by following the below steps: 1. As your bank feeds are on so when the transactions appear for reconciliation you can add another line item showing the commission amount at the same time. For example: If you have a say 100 rupees as gross rent, 2 as commission and 98 ... Read More

Category: Xero
Category Date 10 Feb 2022

When importing a csv file, sometimes (usually when the file contains more than 100 invoices), not all invoices are imported. However, when I import the same csv file – without making any changes – an additional 2-3 invoices get imported. I can’t figure out the pattern but have you come across this before? thank you

You might be facing such issue as data might be bulky, so I suggest you to import in small lots for faster and accurate importation. Also the importing issues usually comes wherein the mandatory fields are not filled in the import template like Contact name, Invoice Number, Date, Due Date,Description, Quantity, Unit, Amount, Code, Tax ... Read More

Category: Xero
Category Date 10 Feb 2022


Chart of Accounts Customer Details Supplier Details (Only Name of Supplier) Opening Account Balances Aged Receivables Aged Payables Bank Transactions Credit Card and PayPal Accounts Items All Sales Invoices and Credit Notes All Purchase Bills and Credit Notes All Manual Journals Repeating Invoices The entire conversion and matching of Reports are done on ACCRUAL Basis. ... Read More

Category: FreshBooks
Category Date 21 Jan 2022


Chart of Accounts – Sub Accounts in Access Dimension are converted as Independent Accounts in Xero Chart of Accounts – Inactive Accounts, if used in Access Dimension in the conversion period are turned as Active Accounts in Xero Open Receivable and Payable Invoices shall contain only single line showing the unpaid balance of Invoice in ... Read More

Category: Xero
Category Date 21 Jan 2022
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