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Category Date 21 Jan 2022
  • Chart of Accounts - Sub Accounts in Access Dimension are converted as Independent Accounts in Xero
  • Chart of Accounts - Inactive Accounts, if used in Access Dimension in the conversion period are turned as Active Accounts in Xero
  • Open Receivable and Payable Invoices shall contain only single line showing the unpaid balance of Invoice in Xero
  • Multiple Accounts Receivables in Access Dimension are merged in single Account Receivable in Xero
  • Multiple Accounts Payables in Access Dimension are merged in single Account Payable in Xero
  • Multiple VAT Accounts in Access Dimension are merged in single VAT Account in Xero
  • Custom Sales Tax Rates are converted into standard Sales Tax Rate with "Tax Adjustment" entry as separate line item in Xero
  • Inter Bank Transfers may be converted through a Clearing Account in Xero
  • Clearing Account is used in Xero for transactions where Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable are passed as Journal Entry in Access Dimension
  • Transactions without any contact / payee name in Access Dimension would be transferred as "No Name" contact in Xero
  • System Accounts like Retained Earnings, Sales Tax Account, Realised Currency Gains are used in Xero for their counterpart accounts in Access Dimension
  • In Multi-Currency files, while feeding the opening balances on conversion date, Xero would use same exchange rate for the conversion date for all the Multi-Currency accounts. This might cause a difference in debit and credit side of trial balance, and produce a FX variance, which is brought over in Xero system account called 'Historical Adjustment"
  • Rounding can be different in Xero and Access Dimension because of the data precision techniques used in both software’s
  • Blank Bill reference Numbers and Invoice reference Numbers:- In case we find any invoice or bill without a number, we use a dummy number example for Bills:- Bill1, Bill2 and for Invoices - Inv1, Inv2.
  • Duplicate reference Number in bank transactions or invoices/bills:- In case we find duplicate reference numbers then we use transaction numbers instead of reference numbers or make the numbers unique by appending an extra character with a hyphen
  • Limitation of Item number:- Xero have limitations of 30 characters for Item number thus for the item numbers more than 30 characters we have to trim them to 30 characters.
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