Fitz Roy mountain near El Chalten, in the Southern Patagonia, on the border between Argentina and Chile

South America

A holiday to South America offers a diverse patchwork of landscapes, encompassing some of the world’s most staggering natural attractions; Angel Falls in Venezuela, the Cotahuasi Canyon in Peru and Chile’s Atacama Desert are just the tip of the iceberg.

From ancient civilisations to European colonialism, South America delivers many gateways into its well-preserved history. From the renowned Machu Picchu in Peru to the baroque architecture of Potosi in Bolivia, one cannot fail to be impressed. Trek through the tangled vines of the Amazon Rainforest, take a jeep safari through Brazil’s tropical wetlands of the Pantanal, and embark on a cruise around Ecuador’s enchanting Galapagos Islands for some of the most enriching wildlife experiences. Steppes Travel has the inside knowledge and passion to create a truly thrilling tailor-made holiday to South America. We have chosen a number of charities to support around the world and by travelling with us, you will be helping to make a difference.


A frenetic melting pot of vibrant culture and dramatic terrains. Exploring with us can mean anything from galloping on horseback over sweeping…

Fitz Roy mountain near El Chalten, in the Southern Patagonia, on the border between Argentina and Chile


The place for travellers to immerse themselves completely into a culture. While the facilities on offer are typically simple compared to its…

Flamingos, Siloli Desert, Bolivia


Brazil’s incredible landscapes, rich history and extraordinary wildlife are as diverse as the country is vast.

Jaguar, Pantanal, Brazil


From the moment you step off the plane, Chile has a warm European feel which is instantly reassuring and a great start…

Torres del Paine over Pehoe Lake in Chile


Just like its famed coffee, this country will bring your senses to life. Whether it's the blossoming culture, pioneering travel experiences or…

Colourful colonial houses of Guatape, Columbia


Three is the magic number for travellers looking to explore Ecuador. It serves up a stunning trio of alluring mountain landscapes, serene…

Local, Cotopaxi, Avenue of Volcanoes, Ecuador

French Guiana

French Guiana is an overseas department of France and therefore belongs to the European Union. Consequently, the Euro is its currency and…

Devil's Island, French Guiana

Galapagos Islands

Welcome to Darwin’s playground, where a delicate collection of fearless wildlife and idyllic landscapes awaits.

Blue Footed Booby, Galapagos, Ecuador


South American vibes with splashes of French and Dutch influences. Beating Guyana is a tall order when it comes to sights -…

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana, South America


Discover the home of the Inca Empire, a land steeped in ancient culture but also teeming with wildlife. Journey with our experts…

Machu Picchu, Peru


Suriname packs an enormous punch for such a small country. Criss-crossed with rivers and swathed in Amazonia's oldest roots.

Morning River Cruise, Amazon Rainforest


Mesmerising as an individual destination or in combination with Argentina. Most importantly, authentic travel experiences are rife here - saddle up with…

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

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Roxy recommended that we should add on a trip to the Amazon ahead of our Galapagos Islands journey, and what a brilliant addition it was. We loved every moment of our time in both places, and were impressed with Roxy's advice.

Destination: Amazon & Galapagos Islands
Travel Expert: Roxy

Thanks to James for planning this trip of a lifetime through Argentina, a place we have always wanted to see. We were able to visit everywhere from Patagonia in the south to the Iguazu Falls in the north, and all with very little effort on our part.

Destination: Argentina
Travel Expert: James

James, you have made Steppes travellers out of us. From ensuring acclimatisation time was built into our schedule to suggesting we stay in a hotel made from salt, you created an itinerary that was far more detailed than anything we could have imagined.

Destination: Bolivia
Travel Expert: James

Paul created an itinerary that perfectly suited our interests, and we were particularly impressed with the properties that he selected for us. Thank you for recommending we visit the Atacama Desert, which we hadn’t even thought of visiting, but which turned out to be the highlight.

Destination: Chile
Travel Expert: Paul

What excellent service from James - he was very knowledgeable and booked the perfect trip for us to Brazil.

Destination: Brazil
Travel Expert: James

Sailing around the Rosario Islands was not something we had even considered, but we are so grateful to John for putting this enchanting archipelago on our radar.

Destination: Colombia
Travel Expert: John

As usual all aspects of this trip went like clockwork, even thought we were in South America where timings can be different to other parts of the world! This we put down to the work done by Paul and his knowledge of the country.

Destination: Ecuador
Travel Expert: Paul

Wow!! I don’t really know what to say except that our trip brilliant in every respect – a real once in a lifetime experience that I think we will struggle to beat!! What a place you sent us to, James!!!

Destination: Guyana
Travel Expert: James

Paul put together a spectacular trip through the highlights of Peru, and no detail was missed. His recommendations for acclimatising were particularly helpful, and something no one else I spoke to had mentioned.

Destination: Peru
Travel Expert: Paul

We knew we wanted to visit Suriname, but we didn’t know where to start and couldn’t find many resources. John put us at ease immediately, and we knew that we were in safe hands with his expertise.

Destination: Suriname
Travel Expert: John

We left Uruguay feeling like we had really had an insider's experience. James sent us to some of the highlights destinations, but also to some lesser-visited spots where we came across no other tourists.

Destination: Uruguay
Travel Expert: James

Roxy was excellent at knowing what we needed from our family trip to the Galapagos Islands. Despite booking it with little time to spare, everything was seamlessly arranged with very little effort from us.

Destination: Galapagos Islands
Travel Expert: Roxy

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Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile
Chile: A Passage from the Land of Salt and Stars to the “End of the World”
Steppes Travel
'Best Self-Published Feature of the Year Award’ at the LATA Media Awards 2019 “You will know if a puma is near.…
Southern right whale and calf
Whale-Watching in Brazil
Steppes Travel
Brazil, the fifth-largest country in the world, is a place that needs multiple visits.  This journey meant I was lucky enough…
Sea Lions, Galapagos Islands
Sailing the Galapagos
Steppes Travel
Our yacht moored off the island of Genovesa, the most northeastern island of the archipelago, while we took panga excursions to…
Scarlet Macaw, Manu National Park, Peru
Exploring Manu Biosphere
Steppes Travel
“The girls must be picky,” was Andy’s typically understated and laconic description of a rufous-crested coquette - a tiny bird, not…
Vineyard, Mendoza, Argentina
Malbec in Mendoza
Steppes Travel
Mendoza is located on the border between Argentina and Chile, at the base of the highest mountain in the Americas, Aconcagua…
Quetrus lagoon in Tagua Tagua Park, Chile
Exploring Secret Patagonia: Tagua Tagua Park
Steppes Travel
Tagua Tagua Park lies just three hours’ drive south east of Puerto Varas, in the Chilean Lake District. It is a…
Historic Buildings, Quito, Ecuador
In the Saddle in Ecuador
Steppes Travel
My desire to visit Ecuador started with reading a holiday report from our Galapagos expert, Lucy Ings, on a hacienda she…
Kaieteur Falls, Guyana, South America
Wild Guyana!
Steppes Travel
WILD? THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY LIVID !!! "Let's carry on along the trail to see what else they throw at us". Kenneth,…
Leaf cutter ants, Tambopata National Reserve, Amazon Rainforest, Peru
Peruvian Amazon: 150 Shades of Green
Sue Grimwood
I am often asked if it is a bit monotone in the polar regions. I don’t think it is, there are…
Buenos Aires, Argentina
An Insider’s Guide to Eating & Drinking in Buenos Aires
Steppes Travel
Bounded in the north by red lunar-like expanses, in the west by charming wine regions and in the south by iconic…
Arch, Taquile Island, Peru
Isla Taquile, Lake Titicaca
Steppes Travel
Isla Taquile, in Lake Titicaca, is a UNESCO world heritage site for obvious reasons. You couldn’t allow anything to spoil this-…

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Paul Bird

It wasn’t part of the script, career plans were quite different but after four global trips visiting such exciting destinations, travel became a passion that eventually led to me entering the industry. The more I have travelled the greater the desire has been to see and do more.

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Roxy Dukes

I love to squeeze as much out of my day as possible. An outdoors fanatic, I love to delve into harsh environments having summited numerous mountains and trail running into the unknown whenever I get the chance – whether at home or overseas. Funnily enough, it didn’t start like that. It took a few years for the burning fire of adventure to truly take light with my eyes opened by the adventures travel could afford.

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Sue Grimwood

I was inspired to travel south from an early age. My form teacher when I was nine made us listen to tapes from Shackleton’s expeditions, I didn’t know it at the time, but it obviously left a deep impression on my psyche.

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